Observations of the Shift in Consciousness of 2012-14

Much was made of the Shift in Consciousness of 2012-2014 each belief system had their version of how this shift would play out in the world. On the global scale we see the changes that are occurring in Europe with the migrations that is causing the many governments to react to this movement of peoples. Each government is reacting to this crisis in a different manner.

In the United State we are seeing the Shift in Consciousness played out in the election process that it is experiencing. This has been an election season that continues to come up with surprises on each side of any issue.

In the WingMakers Materials we are told to practice When-Which-How in every situation. The key to truly practice is trying to stay out of the polarity program of them vs. us. The bottom line to all is “We are all in this together” according to these materials.

May you radiate the Six Heart Virtues into all situations that come to you.




Quotes by John Berges

“It is often the case with materials such as these, which provide a large cosmological worldview, for readers to get stuck on minute details that don’t make sense to the left-brain, logical aspect of the mind. In such cases, it is helpful to release what doesn’t seem to make sense at the time and simply proceed to absorb the overall concept. Often the details fit into the larger scheme as our understanding matures.” Mahu, James. and John Berges, Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume I,” Introduction,” edited by John Berges, Egg Harbor Township, NJ: Planetwork Press, 2013. p. 16.C;

Planetwork Press/WingMakers™ Book Club

We welcome the WingMakers Community to our Planetwork Press / WingMakers Internet Book Club.

1. Each week we will post the chapter readings for the week.
2. We will read five chapters each week. Often these are short chapters, but they can be just full of wonderful inspired feeling.
3. You might share with the Book Club how you felt about the characters of the book, the spiritual impact their behaviors had on you. Possible share how the events in the book reflected how you feel at times in your life. Where do you feel in the story touched your heart?
4. You can post as often as you feel you wish to share with the group.
5. Please keep your comments positive in nature, we are committed to living the heart virtues, especially online.

We are starting our book club with James Mahu’s book  Quantusum.

June 14th-21we are reading and discussing Chapter 1-5.

Quantusum Chapters 1-5 June 14-21

Chapter 1 pages 1-2
When reading Quantusum the first chapter brings me to the questions that I truly feel are universal for each of us. Solomon’s questions are “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”
I remember the first time I screamed out the question, “Why am I here.” I was away at school walking to my room coming around the corner of the house and I just let the words flow out of me. “Why am I here?” I feel I expected to hear an answer come from the sky. It didn’t come that day. I feel that experience was my Wholeness Navigator calling out to my Human Instrument to pay attention to the path I choose to follow.

 June 22-27 Chapters 6-11

The fact that Solomon doesn’t remember who he is can be seen as an analogy to us forgetting who we are when we arrive on the shore of the human world. Just as he is seeking his memory, so are we. He is perhaps more driven than most of us are. Humans in general tend to forget that we had an existence before these bodies and act like we are comfortable not knowing who we really are and where we came from. Perhaps one message is to question our existence.  Dawn Light

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June 28-July 4 Chapter 12-17

The Path of Unification and Peace in the Globalizing World Through the Virtues of the Heart
 By John Berges

 The Path of Unification and Peace in the Globalizing World Through the Virtues of the Heart
 By John Berges

This is part of the speech given that dealt with the 2012 shift.

Another interesting detail about this paper (The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny) is that it identifies 2012 as a time of dimensional shift for our entire planet. However, James and Lyricus do not describe this as an event that will occur when the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. The dimensional shift, which is more like a wave of energy that we are already experiencing. And like a wave it will gradually increase in size and power as it reaches its crest and makes its impact on our shores and then slowly subsides. The important part of this analogy is that this wave, like a tsunami, will be so powerful that it will transform the land that it crashes against.

That “land” is our planet, and this wave will alter life here forever. Those individuals still rooted in materialism, fear, prejudice, and mistrust of others, will be severely challenged as their fear-based egos resist this shift to a more refined energy. In fact, I believe that this is already occurring.

According to James, the most effective way to avoid the anxiety and fear engendered by this shift is to develop our connection to the energetic heart, which is a portal to the soul or Essence. This alignment with spirit is in line with the spiritual energies of the shift, and consequently its impact on our physical and psychological lives will be positive as we experience an expanded state of consciousness.

However, before we celebrate our good fortune, it is important to point out that we will still be challenged just like the rest of humanity. So, at this critical time we must remain courageous, strong, and dedicated to our chosen spiritual paths.

In 2006, James released a follow-up paper about the heart entitled “The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative.” Here is a quotation from this paper:

The Art of the Genuine is the practice of coherence between the deeper awakening of the heart virtues within each of us, and their faithful expression in the worlds of form. Those individuals who are awakened to the frequencies of the energetic heart within and practice . . . the expression of these frequencies in their behavior and actions are practicing their highest purpose. “The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative,” p. 4

So, what are these heart virtues? At the beginning of this paper, James provides a diagram depicting them. They are:

• Appreciation • Compassion • Forgiveness • Humility Understanding Valor

Applying these six virtues in our daily lives is a service we can perform that has the potential to transform ourselves as well as our relationships with others. The incoming energies of the shift are aligned to the spiritual power of Love, Brotherhood, and Unity. Therefore, those who remain in fear, prejudice, and separativeness will have difficulty adjusting to this new frequency due to the greater difference between the new energies and the old. This increased difference in frequencies can easily lead to intensified chaos and conflict in society.

Therefore, these negative attitudes in the emotional dimension of our planet need to be transformed in order to reduce the negative effects of the dimensional shift on the general world population and increase the humanity’s sense of Unity.

A critical factor in this shift is that it is also a consciousness shift. Therefore, the potential benefits of this energy shift are dependent on human beings such as us, who can express these intensified spiritual energies in our lives. In a very real way, each of us is an opening for these new energies to flow into the consciousness of humanity.

Simply stated, when we transmit the virtues to others we are not only helping them as individuals, but also contributing to the well-being of the earth. Through the many centuries of human existence we have polluted the collective emotional field with fear, prejudice, and hatred. This has a feedback effect on all of us, including nature, for this accumulated negativity generates an emotional atmosphere that affects billions of people around the world.

From a speech given by John Berges on Nov. 1, 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey

© 2011, John Berges WingMakers LLC All Rights Reserved


“The Heart is the Temple of Wisdom.” John Berges, The Weather Composer, ©2013, WingMakers, LLC


The Event String of “The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda

There are few things in life that touch our hearts in such a way as to cause us to change our daily behaviors. When it comes to change in our daily lives, it is very difficult to make the change. When we are presented with information that may cause us to change our belief systems, we are faced with a great challenge. Do we change or do we not change? This is the question that everyone must come to grips with during this twenty-first century.

Change does not come easily to us in our three dimensional world. What  Event String needs to came into our lives that brings us to the point of making a change in our daily lives? This spring “The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda” was released. This is the interview that many in the WingMakers Community had been waiting for years to read. The cover art is just awesome in its many facets that beg us to explore further. We open the cover to the “Introduction” where we read that this interview is going to tell us about “reality.” This information is the Event String that will help us in making the change.  It takes each of us to make the change that will lead to all of us creating the oneness and equality that our planet desperately needs. Will learning about “programed reality” ease our ability to change?

In Quantusum,  a novel by James Mahu, we find Solomon taking a loose stone he found in the cave and pounding the wall with it to break his way into the room on the other side of the wall. This part of Solomon’s story feels like what we are faced with in this Interview on a personal level. Each one of us is challenged to take up the stone, in this case the Sovereign Integral Quantum Pause (SIQP) in combination with the six heart virtues, and start pounding our own personal walls of the Hologram of Deception we live in.

Each time we do the Sovereign Integral Quantum Pause we put a chip in the wall. As we pull from the center of the earth the heart virtues, we wrap them around our being and then send them to all of humanity. In these small steps we are breaking the patterns of our “programed reality.” This Sovereign Integral process leads us to change our expressed behaviors in every situation. It took great effort for Solomon to continue hitting the wall with his stone as it got smaller. Yet, each time he hit the wall the crack got bigger. The same is with our working with the Sovereign Integral Quantum Pause and the Six Heart Virtues, the wall of Deception is cracking. The size of the crack depends on each of us willing to take on the practice of “living a love centered life” of the Sovereign Integral. © 2014 Darlene Berges and Planetwork Press All Rights Reserved

Update on the Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume II | Leave a reply

Thank you for your questions about the release date of  Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume II. The book is currently in Phase 2, which means it has been sent to James and Mark for the final approval and any new graphics for the book. When we  have James’ approval we will move into Phase 3. This is a very intense and detailed process as you can see from our other books. We are hoping to have it released by fall. We will be keeping everyone updated on our Facebook page and the Biog.
Kind regards,
The Planetwork Press Team
Equality, Oneness and Truthfulness

The Fifth Interview

The WingMakers community has waited since 1998 for the release of “The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda.”  For those who have read the interview, we would like to share some thoughts with you.

Reality is a subject which comes up much in conversations. Everyone seems to a have their own thoughts about what constitutes reality. In Living from the Heart, in “Section 3: The Heart-Mind Intention,” page 22, James shares the many facets of reality with us. One reality is your blueprint. We are now finding out in the “Fifth Interview” that our “blueprint” was a program designed by the Anunnaki, Sirians and the Serpents a long time in the past. Yet, it is this that gives us much to ponder, so we might ask ourselves,  “What is my new idea of reality?”

The question has been asked, “Are the plants, trees and animals in the programing of our reality?” Everything is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “all that exists.” By Dr. Neruda using the word “Everything”, all that exists includes what we believe about the universe.

The master program that was written by Marduk for the Sirians, into the Human 2.0, has one of its sub-programs as an open source program, meaning new add-ons can be put in that program to create a change in the Human 2.0. This was explained in detail in the Project Camelot Interview of 2008 (seewww.wingmakers.com for a download of this interview). That open source is the Wholeness Navigator. This program is designed to lead one to an inward journey to one’s Sovereign Integral. When the Wholeness Navigator sends the message to us, we need to pay attention and follow what has been sent to our hearts.

As more and more Human 2.0s become aware of Anu’s programing and start practicing the Sovereign Integral Process, humanity will be able to develop into the Human 3.0 SI. The wall of our “Hologram of Deception” programing will begin to crack and have small holes, just like when Solomon took the rock in the cave and began to bang on the wall. With each hit on the wall, the opening became larger. At first he could only see a small light, which grew until he was able to full get into the other side of the wall to Zenith.

As we each start to observe our programing, we can begin the Sovereign Integral process of putting cracks and small holes in the wall, every time we remember on the hour to participate in doing the Quantum Pause. Then by practicing the When-Which-How of  the Six Heart Virtues in our lives, we start expressing their behaviors in all we do.

When the Wholeness Navigator

dreams of reunion to its source,

within the dimensional body.

The awakening is for the anointed 

who desire nothing more

than the invitation to vastness.*


Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume II © 2014 WingMakers LLC

Living from the Heart, © 2007 EventTemples.com

Happy New Year 2014

As our year of 2013 ends it brings us often to a period of reflections over the past years experiences. This is can be a great time to release all experiences where we felt were injustice that occurred to us and send our forgiveness into the grid of love for ourselves and others. The universe is waiting to renew its relationship with us through the virtues of the heart. May each of us be the ray of light energy for all on the planet. Remember: we are the expression of the Sovereign Integral in our local universe.

May you have a wonderful New Year sharing the virtues of your heart with all you encounter everyday.

Happy New Year from the Planetwork Press Team!