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The first known project by James Mahu in the modern era was the WingMakers' website, launched in 1998 and updated with new content in 2001 and again in 2003. Currently there is an abundance of material including music, paintings, poetry, philosophy, and the novel, Ancient Arrow Project. The Ancient Arrow Project is based on the culture and teachings of the WingMakers.

In 2003 James launched Lyricus, the website designed to introduce the Lyricus Teaching Order officially for the first time on our planet. Its content provides a detailed background on Lyricus, its purpose, structure, and orientation to planetary and species evolution.

In 2008 the Event Temples website came online. It's still growing today, bringing together people from around the globe who want to become Spiritual Activists. A Spiritual Activist is someone who is learning to live from their heart by using the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor.

The 2011 project was an inventive web-reader at Spirit State. This advanced technology has added an entirely new level to the reading experience. In real-time you can read the same book and be on the same page as someone on the other side of the globe. Access the Reader MapTM and see other people around the world who are reading the same book at the same time. The first books on the Spirit State site were The Dohrman Prophecy, The Ancient Arrow Project and the Spirit State User Guide.  Spirit State will keep expanding as new books are made available through that medium.

The Dohrman Prophecy and Quantusum are available in print! Our goal is to continue converting the Internet materials of James Mahu into print editions with the Collected Works of the Wingmakers Volumes I & II, a two-volume edition edited by John Berges and containing all the Internet materials written by James since 1998.

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