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The Weather Composer: The Battlefield is Born


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Book Description

The Weather Composer: The Battlefield is Born is the second novel in the trilogy called The Weather Composer

After an extinction level event called Sunrot devastates the Earth, humanity must rebuild. A secret prophecy, held by the Vatican is leaked by a Cardinal who defects from the Vatican and takes the prophecy to a U.S. Senator. The prophecy tells of an overactive sun that puts humanity back into the Stone Age, and reduces its populations by 90 percent. This prophecy is held by a senator who later—after Sunrot hits Earth—becomes the President of a global government called the Greater Nation.

Three characters are born simultaneously on the eve of Sunrot, and in the same general vicinity in the Middle East. They are Terran Kahn, the Mahdi; Nura Yonan, the Christ; and Malik al-Hashimi, the antichrist. These three individuals are identified by the new educational system of the Greater Nation as being UHIQs (people in possession of Ultra-High Intelligent Quotients). They are brought together by the educational system and trained in different ways, and for very different purposes.

Author: James Mahu
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9641549-9-5
Publication Date: Fall 2014
Publisher: Planetwork Press
Cover: Full Color
Pages: 360
Language: English

About the Author

James Mahu is the anonymous and visionary creator of five websites, three novels, a large collection of philosophical discourses, a dozen papers on spiritual practices, poetry, short stories, visual artwork, and nearly a hundred music compositions.

His first published creation was, which established James—its creator—as a multidimensional storyteller who is focused on sharing deep, original perspectives to the conversations of spirituality, cosmology, extraterrestrial life, myth and the importance of the heart in one’s personal mission.

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