About Us

Darlene and John Berges founded Planetwork and Planetwork Press in 1994 to published books, articles and creative learning programs. As the Internet became popular, John developed the planetworkpress.com and planetwork.co websites to continue communicating these new ideas.

They became interested in the WingMakers material in 2001, when John began an email correspondence with the webmaster, Mark Hempel, a talented web designer and computer professional. Mark and John sent questions to Sarah, which were answered by James via PDF that Mark then sent to John. James invited John to write back to him with a carefully crafted question about John’s personal mission in this lifetime. That first email from James to John began a 10-year relationship between them. This led James to trust John as an editor of some of his writings in 2007. In 2009, James asked John to be the editor and commentator for his two volume book, Collected Works of the Wingmakers – Volumes I & II. John accepted James’ offer.

Mark Hempel of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the designer of many innovative products, including the education industry’s first electronic textbook, which he created for McGraw-Hill. He also designed the bestselling educational software The Oregon Trail; the first medical Web site for the Mayo Clinic; and the Web’s first audio browser, NetRadio. Hempel is a recognized expert in information architecture and visual design. He has worked with companies that include Microsoft, Apple, American Express and AT&T. Today Hempel is a consultant for companies focusing on next-generation Web platforms, developing applications to extend Web site functionality to include tracking programs, survey-recommendation engines and innovative Web 2.0 community functions. Mark is the webmaster for all of James Mahu’s websites. www.wingmakers.com, eventtemples.com, spiritstate.com, sovereignintegral.com